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This assignment tests two of the five learning outcomes of the module

  • Explain the rationale for, and appropriateness of, the univariate and
    multivariate analytical techniques introduced in the module and select
    appropriate analyses for different areas of application.
  • Interpret the output of SPSS analyses introduced in the module and
    report the results appropriately.

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Linear Programming

150 150 EssayPolymath
  • A linear program is defined as follows: Maximize Objective Function (4X1 + 2X2); subject to constraints: X1 ≥ 4; X2 ≤ 2; X1 ≥ 3; X2≥ 0; which of the following statements is true about this linear program?

A. The linear program has no feasible solutions

B. The linear program has an unbounded objective function and one redundant constraint

C. The linear program has an optimal solution value of 4

D. X1 = 4 in the optimal solution

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Marginal Utility

150 150 EssayPolymath

ECN 312 – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Please make sure that your problem set is legible and stapled. Please write your name and section number on your problem set. On your graphs, please label axes, curves,intercepts, slopes, and all points relevant to the question. Explain your work thorough lyin order to receive full credit. Possible points are given in parentheses.

1. (25) Paul has preferences over balls (B) and skateboards (S). A ball has a price,PB= 10. A skate board has a price,PS= 20. read more


150 150 EssayPolymath
  • A building space is maintained at 76F db and 50% r.h. The peak cooling load is 10 tons with a SHR of 0.75. Ventilation of 1000 cfm is required of outside air at 95F db and 55% r.h. Determine the CFM, the humidity ratio of supply air and the required capacity of the cooling equipment. Assume the conditioned air is supplied at 58F.

Answers: CFM = 4714 cfm; w2 = 0.008; qac= 15.21 tons

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150 150 EssayPolymath

7251AFE Assignment – Consultant Project (Total 50% weight)



Beta (due week 2*)    1%

Summary, Operating Lease Converter, Input Sheet, Bloomberg (due week 3*)    1%

Written Report (due week 10*)    35%

Oral Presentation (due week 8 or 9)    8%

Reflection Report (due week 12*)    5%

Total    50%

* due by Tuesday mid-night of that week.

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Accounting standards have always been dynamic with organizations such as the International Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changing to adapt to the current accounting needs. More than 120 countries with the exception of the United States (US) follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  Related regulations paired with further globalization is putting more countries under pressure to work under a universal accounting guide. In the US, companies follow the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The IFRS is principle based while the GAAP puts more emphasis on exceptions, interpretations, restriction and rules. This paper will focus on Income tax and will evaluate how it is treated by the US GAAP and international accounting standards.  read more

Personality Disorders in Children

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Personality Disorders in Children

Research Paper Outline

Title: How Early Can We Identify Personality Disorders in Children?

Thesis: Clinicians find it hard to diagnose personality disorders in children due to their growing and changing personalities given their incomplete development; however, observations of ASPD in children as early as 3 year olds can be predictors of antisocial behaviors later in life. read more


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The practice of leadership has proven to an essential factor towards influencing the success of companies in different sector. Decisions made by the parties holding the senior leadership positions in various organizations play a role in influencing the course of action. One similar areas of application of such leadership practices is the sustainability. More precisely, the ethics and corporate social responsibility is greatly influenced by the leadership process. This essay aims at discussing the statement Practices of Leadership contribute to managing Sustainability (Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) with the advance of post-bureaucratic approaches. This is achieved through the review of literature and presentation of the practical application of some of the major companies such as Apple, Google and Interface. The focus is to generate the specific ways in which the theoretical perspectives discussed are demonstrated in the practical business setting. read more

Euro Carry Trades

2585 1926 EssayPolymath

                                                              Question One

    Typically, carry trade involves borrowing money at low interest rates then investing it in instruments that promise a higher return than the cost of capital. In the foreign exchange market, investors borrow from countries with weak currencies and low interest rates then invest in countries with strong currencies and high interest rates. This strategy is advantageous to an investor in at least two ways: the growth of money is faster and since the currency is stronger, it exchanges for even more local currency. Investors are also attracted to carry trade because it is mostly conducted on leverage and for investors with high credit viability, large amounts of funds are available to them for investment at a low risk compared to some other investments and that risk can be reduced more by hedging. The suave investor uses this strategy to optimize the opportunity for profit presented by differences in interest rates and currency strengths. read more